fiduciary continuity for your clients' legacies

Your clients have trusted you and their investment advisor to help them build and protect their wealth and create a legacy for future generations. Hightower Trust Company provides fiduciary services and oversight to help preserve their wealth, in collaboration with you and their Hightower investment advisor, giving them peace of mind that their trusted professionals will be there to support their family for years to come.

Which Clients May Benefit from Professional Trustee Services?

There are many reasons why your clients may benefit from engaging the services of a professional trustee. Individual family members may not have the skills, time, or willingness to serve as trustee. Family dynamics or blended families might put an individual trustee in an awkward or unduly influential position. Complex estate planning strategies or special needs beneficiaries may require specialized expertise to preserve the tax and asset protection benefits of the trust. Clients whose trusts will span generations may want the peace of mind of continuous professional oversight. Whatever your clients’ reasons, Hightower Trust Company is here to help. We take a collaborative approach with you and with your clients’ Hightower investment advisor to provide the services your clients need, so they can focus on continuing to write their story.

Services Hightower Trust Company Provides

Hightower Trust Company has the resources, experience and expertise to provide trust services for your clients and their families for generations to come. Depending upon our role, our services can include:

Trust Administration

• Perform administrative duties in accordance with the terms of the trust
• Make discretionary and non-discretionary distributions to beneficiaries
• Pay trust expenses
• Calculate distribution amounts (income/unitrust)
• Conduct annual administrative reviews

Tax Services

• Principal and income accounting
• Recordkeeping and reporting, including reporting of assets held elsewhere
• Preparation and filing of federal and state fiduciary income tax returns

Investment Management Services

• Conduct post-acceptance and annual investment reviews
• Work with your client’s investment advisor to ensure trust assets are managed and invested prudently according to the objectives of the trust for the benefit of all trust beneficiaries

Ways Hightower Trust Company Can Serve

Depending on the structure of your client’s trust and how they would like Hightower Trust Company to work with their investment advisor and any other individual trustee or executor, Hightower Trust Company can serve in the following capacities:

• corporate trustee with investment authority delegated to a Hightower investment advisor
• directed trustee (situs restrictions apply)
• co-trustee*
• successor trustee
• agent for trustee with investment authority delegated to a Hightower investment advisor
• agent for trustee without investment authority
• agent for executor, with or without investment authority

* Hightower Trust Company shares discretionary distribution decision-making with an individual co-trustee but retains full authority over the other functions of a corporate or directed trustee.

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Corporate Trustee Chart

Agent with investment authority chart
Agent without investment authority