Getting Started

If you would like to name Hightower Trust Company as trustee or agent, contact your Hightower advisor. Your advisor will discuss your needs with you and may introduce you to additional Hightower team members who will help you determine if Hightower’s trustee services are a good fit for your needs.

You should be prepared to discuss or provide:

• Your estate planning objectives and any documents or drafts that you have
• Statements and relevant documents pertaining to assets that you currently hold in your trust or anticipate holding in your trust
• Names, relationships, citizenship and countries of residence of beneficiaries and other interested parties
• Recent history or pattern of trust distributions
• Recent trust tax returns and all related estate and gift tax returns
• Unique circumstances that may be relevant to trust administration, such as family dynamics, beneficiary issues, special needs, litigation, business or investment liquidity events, etc.

Following our initial review of your documents and other information, we will guide you and your attorney through the necessary steps to appoint Hightower Trust Company as trustee or agent.