PERSONAL TRUST SERVICES|your trust, our expertise

Hightower Trust Company has the resources, experience and expertise to provide trust services for you and your family for generations to come.

Administrative Services

Hightower Trust Company performs the duties associated with administering your trust, such as payment of trust expenses, calculating required distributions to beneficiaries, and exercising distribution discretion, evaluating beneficiary needs and circumstances while adhering to the terms you define in your trust.

Tax Services

Hightower Trust Company keeps track of the principal and income within your trust and provides trust tax reporting and forms needed for beneficiaries’ personal income tax returns, and as trustees, we file trust income tax returns.

Investment Management Services

While serving as corporate trustee or as agent with investment authority, Hightower Trust Company works with your advisor to ensure trust assets are managed and invested prudently according to the objectives of the trust for the benefit of all trust beneficiaries.